Prepping day

Yesterday was the day for food prep for the week, just another part of my organisation. If I don’t plan meals, and accompanying snacks, we go reaching for the bad yummy stuff (like chocolate, takeaway etc).  I sat down, wrote down what I had in the freezer as far as meat for meals, I try to use what I have already. The featured image shows what I made for this cooking day. (In order Top Left to right then down)

1. Wholefood simple Jersey Caramel – First attempt – I find if we don’t have something sweet for my cravings, I eat bad stuff. This can be cut into little pieces, and really hits the sweet spot.

2. Quirky Cooking Grain-Free Cinnamon Donut Cupcakes – from the Quirky Cooking Cookbook – I baked these for the “Baking the Blues away” initiative from BeyondBlue. Really yummy – and no grains!

3. Weetbix slice – From the I Quit Sugar Chocolate cookbook. I slightly change the recipe – I make these our little chocolate protein hit by adding protein powder to the mix, I think I worked out about 5.5g protein per piece, not bad for a chocolate slice.

4. Curried Sausages – This is one of my husband’s favourites, and I’ve made these for his lunches. It freezes really well and reheats well.

5. Quirky Cooking Creamy chicken and quinoa soup – I replace brown rice with Quinoa, just because I like quinoa more, and it gives a bit more protein to the dish. This one is for my lunch, nothing better than warm, yummy soup at lunch, even better when it’s made using my own Chicken Bone broth (bones of cooked chicken + water + veggies + Apple cider vinegar + slow cooked for 24 hours)

6. Prepped Veggies – For the nights that we’re both working and coming home late, We just have meat and veg. I find its so much better cutting up the veggies beforehand (but not more than a few days ahead), then I can chuck the veggies in boiling water or steam, and cook our meat, and done, healthy dinner.

7. Clean eating butter chicken – Dinner last night, and leftovers for lunch today. Doesn’t taste like butter chicken, but it’s really yummy. I have even made the tomato paste and kasundi paste. Served with a bed of cauliflower rice and it’s low carb but filling and I don’t feel I’m missing out.

8. Chorizo and Sweet potato soup – Picked up this one from my lovely cousin’s website, one of her first recipes 🙂 I vary it slightly, I add shredded chicken to up the protein 🙂 This also freezes and re-heats fantastically, and will be a mid-week dinner.

I also have some Chocolate Chia Nut balls (random things chucked in my Thermie and blitz, rolled in coconut) and Raw Strawberry fudge in the freezer.

So I’m set for the week (or more – in the snacks case). Planning makes things so much easier in the mornings. I put 2-3 mini snacks into a container, grab my lunch, and go 🙂


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