Prepping day

It’s been a while, life has been overwhelming. We have three more days until holidays! Yay! Meaning my husband has 3 days left of internship 🙂 which means he also wants snacks to take for a thank you morning tea on Friday. So on the back of my friend’s awesome pic of her Sunday prep, I thought I’d get back to it.

1. Salad prep – quinoa, cheese, carrots and boiled eggs. All done thermie style. For lunches at the moment we do a container of salad, all of these items with baby spinach, avocado and meat. At the moment, I’ve got pulled pork that I cooked a few weeks ago, split into bags and froze for 1-2 days supply at a time. I’ve been putting tuna or salmon with mine. Maybe a bit of macadamia oil to coat a bit if no avocado. But yummy and easy to throw together in the morning when it’s pre-prepped.

2. Blueberry and flax muffins I changed this recipe a bit, added Greek yoghurt and only had brown flax. Reduced the sugar to 2 tbsp.

3. Muesli bites A thermomix recipe but you’d easily do this in a saucepan. Voted best snack I’ve made by my workmates 🙂 I used rice malt syrup and only 3 tbsp.

4. Veggie prep for dinner – precut veggies, pop into hot water/ steam when I get home from work. Easy!

5. Coconut ice
One of the snacks for morning tea for Friday. I will also be making cookies, but not until Tuesday night so they’re fresh 🙂 I love this coconut ice, and so does the husband 🙂

6. Dinner on Monday and leftover for Tuesday, Meatloaf I just didn’t do the potato top, but this was amazing 🙂 reheated well too 🙂

Anyway, so will be off on holidays next week, but after that I’ll be back into looking after me, naturopath appointment, and back to proper prepping and eating. 🙂


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