(Almost) 100 yummy cookies

Okay so not healthy, but home made and sugar reduced. The original recipe is from the Thermomix recipe community – Aussie Choc Chip Cookies

I made these for my husband to take to his end of term morning tea.

You can always do this in a mixmaster, but I love my thermie 🙂 and I also gave my mixmaster to my sister-in-law so, no choice. For this lot I made 3 batches, one with 100g choc bits, one with 100g m&m minis, and 1 lot plain.

The changes I’ve made to the original recipe are:
– reduced brown sugar to 40g for the ones with chocolate, 50g for the plain.
– reduced the addition amounts at the end for the choc bits.
– I also don’t use the butterfly if you’re using the Thermomix.

Best thing, these freeze really well after cooked AND taste amazing straight out of the freezer. The husband actually prefers them frozen :p awesome cause they won’t go off then, and might last more than a day if they’re hidden away in the freezer. Of course you can just take some to pack for lunch.


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