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3 weeks in!

Tomorrow is the end of week 3. And I’m doing much better than I ever thought I would at this stage. It’s so nice to have variation of meals from my norm, and I’m getting used to having the bone broth and fermented veggies and good fats. And on a massive upside, Pete Evans used my food prep from my first week’s post in one of his posts! I was so excited. It came on Mothers day weekend, which is generally a down time for me at this point, and that I was another year older, yet without expanding our little family.

Mum took me out for lunch for my birthday, and I was worried about where we would go to eat that wouldn’t compromise my 10 week plan. We found this gorgeous little cafe at Erina called The Nourished Cafe, and their menu stated that they would alter a dish to any food intolerances. So a chicken burger turned into oven grilled chicken, the most amazing bacon, avocado and salad. It was sooooo yummy!

It’s also been a long 1.5 weeks, I’ve only had one day off work since Tuesday last week, and I’ve got one more day to go, as my boss went away for a week and left me in charge. It has been a fairly quiet week, they’ve been re-tiling outside my store for the past few weeks. The main thing I’ve noticed and really struggled with is the lack of prep time for my food. Only having a half day on Tuesday to really prep for the rest of the week left me a little overwhelmed, because I got nothing else around the house done while trying to get my food sorted. So I’ve struggled in that respect. But I’m glad I had some broth frozen from week 1, and a few things pre-done.

I’ve definitely improved on the breakfasts – Depending on what I’ve got left in the fridge, I’ll work some eggs in, avocado, veggies/salad, fermented veggies and sometimes broth. I’ve become quite fond of heating up some broth, finely cubing some carrot and zucchini, then poaching two eggs in it. Add that to the above, and I’ve got a filling and long lasting breakfast. I also have been putting the veggies and broth into my short little thermos and have it for morning drink 🙂

Lunch is leftovers, and Its easy and I’m loving it being all pre-prepped.

And dinner has been good, we’ve had lots of wins, and only one or two ones we wouldn’t do again (Or more that I’d change something or use a part of the recipe), nothing we haven’t eaten.

I’ve also made my own kid-friendly kimchi (Fermented cabbage, daicon, apple and a few other veggies), and it all worked. Opened it up and it bubbled and fizzed like it is supposed to, which is awesome.

The only thing I’m really missing is my black tea with milk, but I can do without it, I’m lucky that I’m enjoying the bone broths. It helps that it’s cold, and the warm broth helps that.

The next highlight for me is finally being able to go to the new farmers markets down the road on sunday at Gosford Racecourse, I can’t wait to find what kind of local food is around me 🙂 And because I work every second sunday I haven’t been able to go yet. But will hopefully get lots of yummy fresh veggies and meat!


Organisation begins with…Breakfast :)

Breakfast… The most important meal of the day 🙂 Generally, we have scrambled eggs (2 each) and a whole bacon rasher each, cooked in butter 🙂 Sometimes I’ll mix it up, put chives or baby spinach in the eggs, or if we’re out of bacon, maybe rissoles or sausages. Continue reading