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6 Days in!

So it’s friday night, the husband is out at a work dinner at a place I really wanted to try but I can’t eat most of the food there, so I went home. Was feeling a bit flat, until I got home and realised that my Beef bone broth (which I had cooking for 36 or so hours) was jelly! I’m so excited. For those who don’t know, a bit component of the 10 week challenge is healing the gut. Good bacteria from fermented veggies, minerals and gelatin and goodies from the bone broth and a few other things that I haven’t tried yet. Jelly broth means that I’ve managed to leach a lot of goodness and natural gelatin from the grass-fed bones I’ve used. So that made me happy. I’d picked up a piece of salmon from the shops and cooked it in the oven with a basil pesto (homemade), and veggies roasted in beef fat and herbs. YUMMY!

I posted the featured picture above in the Paleo Way Tribe FB group. I got a massive response and It’s made me feel very proud. Over the course of 2 days I made chicken bone broth, started Beef bone broth, Hearty chicken and veggie soup, Zucchini/Fennel/sweet potato egg slice, Meatloaf (wrapped in bacon), Cauliflower rice, green goddess dressing, pesto and tomato concentrate. So for the rest of the week I didn’t need to cook anything else, just heated up whatever protein I wanted, added avocado, salad, some Kimchi and sometimes some dressing. Don’t know how I would have done it all without the Thermomix.

The hardest part of the week so far has been this morning. Bad night (I still have days where I just want to cry, and I’m sad, and so I inevitably end up crying in bed at night) and so you’re never the same the morning after. All i wanted this morning was a milky, melbourne breakfast black tea, and chocolate and something sweet. I fought through it, heated up some chicken broth before I left for work and put it in a thermos, and had some about 10am, which was lovely.

I’m really enjoying it so far, the flavour in Pete’s recipes has been fantastic. I think my favourite so far has been the Smoked paprika chicken we had for dinner the first night, with Roasted broccoli and bacon.

Next big challenge is this weekend, We’re travelling 4 hours away to see the in-laws for Mothers Day. So I’ve made enough slice to be my breakfast for sunday morning. Taking some of the cauliflower rice for lunch I expect. A couple of avocados and eggs and nuts and I should be fine. Then back home on sunday for Mothers Day/Mybirthday dinner with my side of the family. And then monday is my birthday! Going out for lunch (hoping to find Paleo-friendly food) and then making the butter chicken for dinner. Should hopefully work out well. Then back to prepping on tuesday!


Prepping day

It’s been a while, life has been overwhelming. We have three more days until holidays! Yay! Meaning my husband has 3 days left of internship 🙂 which means he also wants snacks to take for a thank you morning tea on Friday. So on the back of my friend’s awesome pic of her Sunday prep, I thought I’d get back to it.
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