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6 Days in!

So it’s friday night, the husband is out at a work dinner at a place I really wanted to try but I can’t eat most of the food there, so I went home. Was feeling a bit flat, until I got home and realised that my Beef bone broth (which I had cooking for 36 or so hours) was jelly! I’m so excited. For those who don’t know, a bit component of the 10 week challenge is healing the gut. Good bacteria from fermented veggies, minerals and gelatin and goodies from the bone broth and a few other things that I haven’t tried yet. Jelly broth means that I’ve managed to leach a lot of goodness and natural gelatin from the grass-fed bones I’ve used. So that made me happy. I’d picked up a piece of salmon from the shops and cooked it in the oven with a basil pesto (homemade), and veggies roasted in beef fat and herbs. YUMMY!

I posted the featured picture above in the Paleo Way Tribe FB group. I got a massive response and It’s made me feel very proud. Over the course of 2 days I made chicken bone broth, started Beef bone broth, Hearty chicken and veggie soup, Zucchini/Fennel/sweet potato egg slice, Meatloaf (wrapped in bacon), Cauliflower rice, green goddess dressing, pesto and tomato concentrate. So for the rest of the week I didn’t need to cook anything else, just heated up whatever protein I wanted, added avocado, salad, some Kimchi and sometimes some dressing. Don’t know how I would have done it all without the Thermomix.

The hardest part of the week so far has been this morning. Bad night (I still have days where I just want to cry, and I’m sad, and so I inevitably end up crying in bed at night) and so you’re never the same the morning after. All i wanted this morning was a milky, melbourne breakfast black tea, and chocolate and something sweet. I fought through it, heated up some chicken broth before I left for work and put it in a thermos, and had some about 10am, which was lovely.

I’m really enjoying it so far, the flavour in Pete’s recipes has been fantastic. I think my favourite so far has been the Smoked paprika chicken we had for dinner the first night, with Roasted broccoli and bacon.

Next big challenge is this weekend, We’re travelling 4 hours away to see the in-laws for Mothers Day. So I’ve made enough slice to be my breakfast for sunday morning. Taking some of the cauliflower rice for lunch I expect. A couple of avocados and eggs and nuts and I should be fine. Then back home on sunday for Mothers Day/Mybirthday dinner with my side of the family. And then monday is my birthday! Going out for lunch (hoping to find Paleo-friendly food) and then making the butter chicken for dinner. Should hopefully work out well. Then back to prepping on tuesday!


Back to it… Paleo-style


I totally lost my mojo for months. Its been a shit of a past … way too many… months for me, mentally, physically, everything. I don’t know how else to explain it. How does one cope when the only things you want are still out of your grasp, and not through any fault of your own? My job is just that, a job. I’m lucky I love the people I work with, because I sure don’t have any love for the profession that is getting further and further from what I believe in. Very rarely someone will be responsive to something I’ve said about diet and their current medical predicament, but most of the time people still want a tablet to fix it.

I’m trying to get said mojo back. I’ve signed up for Pete Evan’s “The Paleo Way”, a 10 week program with meal plans, exercise plans and support from a naturopath, trainer and all that. And for the most part I’m excited. My lovely husband suggested that I start up my blog post again, and I kind of agree it’s a good time to do it.

At THIS particular moment I’m in a state of self-wallowing, hating my life as it is and still not being able to have the one thing I want more than anything. In case you hadn’t picked it, I want a child. It’s not happening, and we don’t know why. At this point I’ve got another 2 months (the 10 weeks so has it) before it’s been a year since I went off the pill. It’s depressing and I don’t know how those people who are further along in their journey do it, hats off to them. It hurts when inevitably another friend posts that they’re pregnant. It hurts when everything people talk about, post about, aren’t even doing anything specific about, is kids. And then I feel guilty for getting so upset at someone who I probably don’t know the backstory, is just living how they want, and I’d be the same if I was in their situation. But this is why I’ve signed up for this. 13 years of being on the pill, eating inflammatory foods, sugars, carbs and all that, have most likely damaged my gut and my body more than I’d realised, and more than it affects other people. I don’t have any weight to lose. I have to strengthen my body again, get my hormones working and heal my gut (which is the epicentre of nearly every body process).

Today is the starting day. From now till 10 weeks time, there is no grains, dairy, sugar, alcohol or processed foods. I’d pretty much been eating Paleo for the past few months, but sugar, grains and alcohol have slipped back in, and at levels that my body obviously didn’t agree with. I’d also been slack at the exercise, and that has been thrown in to this program as well. But it can’t hurt can it?

I’ve made bone broth. I’d been making it for a while with just the leftovers from a roast dinner, but this time i’ve brought chicken necks, carcasses, beef marrow bones, all free range/grass fed. I’m having some in some of my meals, and then again as a drink. Bone broth is full of liquid minerals, gelatin and goodness seeped out of the bones of these animals, in a warm, soothing broth. yum yum…. actually I’m still getting used to the taste. I add a bit of herb salt and pepper and cumin and its okay. I think its a thing to get used to.

I’ve bought (until I make my own) fermented veggies – in particular, Kimchi – which is cabbage, carrot, sweet potato, radish and a few other things. Its a bit of a weird taste, but again, something to get used to I suppose. This is to supplement the good bacteria in my gut to help digest and get the most out of my food. Slow and steady is the trick to this one.

Breakfast today was wilted silverbeet/spinach, 2 poached eggs, a piece of nitrate-free bacon, 1/2 an avocado and some Kimchi. That was yummy. Nitrate-free organic bacon is so different to the stuff you get in the supermarket. Proper smoked flavour and so much of it! My poached eggs failed…. but I think i’m just going to fry them from now on, poached eggs have never been my forte.

Lunch was a beautiful affair, a stir-fried ground beef with a hot/sour sauce, basil, chili and a fried egg on top. It was so good! Heaps of flavour. Pete says that we need flavour to make up for the lack of sugar in the dish, and it was amazing. AND I have leftovers 🙂 so will be having this one with a fresh fried egg tomorrow for breakfast 🙂

And now I feel better than I did before I started this post. Something to focus my mind on, and yummy, wholesome food that I really do get excited for once I start doing it. Time to put the next batch of chicken bone broth on too, I love my slow-cooker.

On a side note – I still think the thermomix was the best thing I’ve ever bought 🙂 We still use it all the time, and I’ll still be using it for various dishes on this paleo way, quite a few people have already converted recipes!

Dinner for tonight is a roasted smoked paprika chicken with veg, and a side of roasted broccoli and bacon. I’d better get going on marinating! And also to pop a new lot of chicken broth into the slow cooker for its 24 hours of cooking.