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My opinion on the dietary management of diabetes…

There are several conditions that seem to be everywhere nowadays; people being treated for high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes are a few that stand out. It’s not uncommon for people to bring in a pile of prescriptions for me to dispense, and the shopping bag (yes, some people get a full bag each month, and then some) contains several diabetes medications. For the most part, I’m referring to type 2 diabetes, but sometimes this can include type 1 (auto-immune, where the body doesn’t produce enough insulin) or gestational diabetes (develops during pregnancy). Continue reading


Prepping day

Yesterday was the day for food prep for the week, just another part of my organisation. If I don’t plan meals, and accompanying snacks, we go reaching for the bad yummy stuff (like chocolate, takeaway etc). Continue reading

Organisation begins with…Breakfast :)

Breakfast… The most important meal of the day 🙂 Generally, we have scrambled eggs (2 each) and a whole bacon rasher each, cooked in butter 🙂 Sometimes I’ll mix it up, put chives or baby spinach in the eggs, or if we’re out of bacon, maybe rissoles or sausages. Continue reading


Yummy Lunch :)

This is what I made for lunch today (I don’t work Thursdays). I’m sick (again – perils of working in a pharmacy and a husband that works with kids) and trying to keep my body fed with all it needs. Continue reading